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The cleaning method suitable for each material depends on the surface finish. The products finished with coatings require some cleaning methods suitable for the coatings. The cleaning method is detailed in the technical manual of each material.The typical cleaning methods are as follows.

General cleaning
Firstly, try water rinse using soft sponge with modest pressure to remove the stain. If the stain remains after dry, then use neutral detergents or household cleaners diluted with water. Typical cleaning procedures are as follows.
     a : Dilute a detergent or a cleaner to 1-5% with water.
     b : Apply the solution and spread on Aluswissbond® surface with soft rags or sponges. Wait for 1 minute, then the foam will blacken.
     c : Dry the solution with a squeegee and wipe the remaining solution with wet cloth containing clean water.
Do not use strong organic solvents, such as MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone), MIBK (Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone), Triclene and paint thinner. Do not use strong alkali, strong acid or abrasive cleaners. Use of these solvents and cleaners may result in the paint becoming swollen or removed. If you use other detergent, pre-test it in a small area. pH 8 – 12 detergents are suggestion by us.
To prevent scratching the coated surface, make sure that cleaning sponges and rags are grit-free. Avoid over cleaning or excessive rubbing.



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