Why  Aluswissbond ?

1-High Quality

Imported line of composite panels  fram Europe;hight quality of com – posite;without deformation and tackless smooth surface peel 30% yhan normal .

2-Lightweight , easy to process

Composit panel ,between 3,5 and 5,5 kg per square , anti – 5eismic and reduce disasters and easy handling ,convenient to construct , easy cutting and clipping, easily shaped info shapes , such  as curve , round , right – angel , good plasticity, vari – able, portable to install , low con struction cost .

3-Excellent fire resistance

There is antifoaming PE advanced core material in the middle of aluminum panel , excellent properties of cutting of heat and sound, so it is a safe fire – proof material , and can completely meet fireproof requirement of con – struction  laws and regula- tion.

4-Excellent Impact  strength

Paint film aluminum plastic panel without deformation after im- pacting , excellent toughness, panel and cor material have good property of impact proof , without , sand, ice and snow .

Using KYNAR- 500 PVDF, aging resis – tance , corrosion resis – tance, containing ultraviolet ray absorbent , and showing the ex – cellent climate resis – tance , beautiful  appearance, over 20 years without change of color.

5-Super weather resistance

Using KYNAR- 500 PVDF , aging resistance , corrosion resis – tance , containing ultraviolet ray absorbent, and showing the excellent climate resistance, beautiful appear – ance , over 20 years without change of color

6-Unifrom and colorful coating

Pretreatment  adopts the general  company, USA, adhesive force is excellent between paint off and , various colors , rich luster, shape your personal  space.

7- Easy maintenance

Under the environment with serious pollution, this kind of alumi – num plastic panel is difficult to glue the dust , especially the Nano meter , which has the function of self – clean and new for ever .









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